Monday, April 23, 2007

Chicago Trip - cont'd

In addition to MIU and Leslie's surprise party, I also got to see my long lost cousins, Lena and Sabrina, my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike while I was in Chicago. We met up for brunch and then went to "The Bean" at Millennium Park.

Lena, 15, and me - she was my baby by anotha motha. And fatha.

The Bean, as it's affectionately referred to, is actually entitled "Cloud Gate" and is just beautiful, if not a little fingerprinty, when you see it up close. It's super-cool, because you can see the skyline in it's reflection.

Me and Sabrina, 12, at the Bean-a.

L to R: Nancy, Mark, Michael, me, Sabrina, Lena, random tourist.

Took this one from under the arch.

It's a Fun House mirror effect - we're all actually over 6 feet tall. ; p

These were taken the day prior to seeing The Bean from the ground from the roof of my cousin Art's building.

Can you see the skyline? It reminds me of something else. Hmmmm.

Mark and I stayed at the Hampton Inn Majestic in the LaSalle Bank Theatre Building. It was very art-deco and in a great location, but what made it even cooler for me was the fact that my mom used to work in that building back in 1964! How strange to be in the elevator and think that Mom rode it to her job at the insurance company before she even MET Dad!

I wonder which floor she worked on......


random notes said...

How could I have ever missed the "bean" last year when I was in chicago. I will have to go back. Love the hotel, too. I worked in the prudential building when I was 18 yrs old (32nd floor, I think) The pictures of the family are so precious. hugs

GeorgiePorgie said...

Wish I could remember which floor I worked on. It was for the Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Company. We actually had a switch board where you had to connect the call by plugging in the receptacle.

I worked for agents and actually took shorthand. That's not used anymore either. Gosh I feel old. Love Mom

Brogato said...

What a gorgeous group!!

What a gorgeous city to visit and come "home" to...