Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Easter Vignettes

1. I have two children - twin boys.
2. I love gingham.
See my dilemma?

I am forced to restrict my checkered fetish to the girlie guest room and seasonal holiday purchases. And to the occasional daily tile. Here are some of my Easter goodies. I'm no Dear Daisy Cottage, but I hope you will enjoy.

My M-in-L Carol bought me this little chick.
He nests in an admittedly tarnished sterling mug from Lakewood.

Spotted Easter eggs nestled in a vintage paper egg carton

(circa 1961).

Postcards from the 1940s.

Chalkware bunny mommy and babies purchased in Little Falls, New York.

Recognize my background fabric?

Bunny brother secrets.


Anna Maria said...

All bunny, darling and sweet!!

Daisy Cottage said...

You are twiced blessed having two boys! AND your bunny treasures are adorable!! Sweet vintagy things!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I love everything !!!! But I must be hungry cause those bunnies look like whipped meringue!!!I'm feeling like lemon tart pies with bunches of whipped meringue...better go wipe the drool off my mouth.hehehe!!