Friday, April 6, 2007

A Good Mom Would Be Dying Eggs

Here's what I did today: painted 25 6" x 6" canvases for my Micro Media Collage Class - due to a last second upgrade suggested by an ex-friend.

With just one week until MIU and the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, I'm whipping myself up into a pre-show frenzy as any neurotic, mildly paranoid, self-doubting artist is prone to do.

So here's the upgrade: Not only will I be leading our happy group of intrepid media-mixers in the creation of 1.5" square collaged chipboard tiles, but (apparently) I will also be showing them how to use it in a larger piece that will include the canvases above. In the interest of time, I have base coated the canvases - but don't worry there's still PLENTY to do in that chock-full hour.

I will be in the Virtual Studio (really) from 10 to noon on Friday the 13th, charming you all with my wit, good looks, and soft spoken humility. My class is at 1:30 -- right, Pokey? Have to check on that one, in the meantime here's a riddle:
What's turquoise blue, hard, shiny and rolls?
No silly, not an Easter egg, my new suitcase! Duh.
I got this little beauty to transport my art and supplies to and fro and that's the important thing -- not remembering what time my class is being held. Details!

4/5/07 Ransomed

4/6/07 Q-MIU


e. beck said...

i'm sure you'll love debbi again once all those students have their own fabu creations! ..... that's a load of work! happy trails......
last time i went to an art workshop my suitcase was too i was unloading it at the airport check in counter.......hammers and grommets and irons and bolts of cloth.......oh my! hope that cutie pie turquoise suitcase holds a lot!

Anonymous said...

1:30 it is, Cheryl. And, is it me, or does Trumpey think that suitcase might be for him? It's just his size.