Monday, April 9, 2007

Merciful Monday

My boys go to a small home-school co-op. One of their teachers, Mrs. Cott, grants her classes "Merciful Monday" which means that the kids get a little extra latitude on the first day of the week since they are readjusting to being back at school after the weekend. That's what I needed today. Hard to get my head back in the game after all that celebrating and chocolate.

This is Mark's Great-Grandmother Pearl Garey who died when his grand-dad was a toddler. I can see Mark in her expression. So strange that I can see a resemblance in the child of a grandchild she never knew.

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e. beck said...

this is is hard for me to imagine that it is so teeny tiny.....that it shows up bigger on my computer screen than it is in real you know that much of my art is three foot square canvases?? i don't know if i could even work THAT small.......