Monday, April 16, 2007

Made It Back from MIU!

Met a lot of neat people, had a blast, but it went too quickly. Here are some pix from MIU.

"B-19. B-19"

No, Pokey Bolton, Editor of QA and CPS isn't calling out Bingo numbers.

She's announcing the winners of the lottery of an MIU! class.

Here's the sample I made of the project I taught using this tile.

All I can say is: I want a cordless microphone and I'm having the house wired for speakers in every room. LOVE that thing.

As if poor Mark doesn't have my voice ringing in his ears now.

Here are my 25 students with their finished projects. It was so cool that despite identical material and instruction, each assemblage was unique. Many of the students used the imagery and elements in ways I hadn't imagined. Look for their brilliant ideas passed off as my own in future articles and posts. ;p

You guys better email me pictures like you promised!

Here I am in my Virtual Studio, it was messy, just like the real one,
but missing one important fixture.

Do you know who this is? I forgave her.

Here's me with Rosie who is a doll artist.

Here's Debbi with some new friends admiring her quilt and handmade books.
How is it that I didn't get pictures with Virginia or Kelli or Julaine? I got presents from each of them too: from Virginia a wonderful custom-made fabric stamp I've already used, Julaine brought me a vintage FAO Schwarz catalog I've already used on a daily square and some Kelli gave me a handful of her fabulous paper beads, that really look more like magic beans. Look for a project from those shortly. Thanks, girls!
I also bought some cool things from these funky sisters.
Met some other funky sisters in the Virtual Studio, too: Judy Coates Perez and Deb Silva. Check 'em out, I wish I had more time to hang with them.
All in all, a great time. Already looking forward to next year. I will post on the rest of my Chicago adventure soon.

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Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

O ye of fleeting fame - I will of course send you the MIU pic...

I'm gonna tell Barbara that you took a picture of her backside!