Friday, April 27, 2007

Mail Call

If you subscribe, you may have received your copy in today's mail. If you don't, the online extras will have to hold you until May 2nd.

This issue of CPS is my favorite to date. It is absolutely stuffed with great projects and ideas. I want to try all of them, except of course, my own projects (page 66, just in case you were curious) which I have obviously tried already. You can check out the Table of Contents for a preview here.

Here are are couple of the many highlights:

I saw Kelli's colorful paper quilt and equally colorful hair in Chicago and am anxious to try my hand at "fabric-paper." Her paper beads will be featured in Issue 13 and will likely cause a run on UTEE at craft stores across America. The gorgeous cover art is from Anahata Katkin - she's the anti-Cheryl in that she works big. I am love with her illustration on the cover. Maybe my 1.5" collages will grow up someday.

Beamed in from Fiberspace, Julaine's technique for turning the utilitarian into art, as she deftly demonstrated at MIU, is also featured -- ok, all together now: OOOOOooooh shiny. I can hear the orchestra starting to play indicating that my time is up, so I will quickly mention Jennifer Valentine and her inspired artwork before I'm ushered off stage. In Jennifer's hands, bedroom slippers become a beautiful assemblage.

One last note before the commercial break: I got a big kick out of seeing a picture of my cover issue, CPS 10, on the enclosed subscription coupon. Nice to know that Sixtyopoly's image will be serving as an impromptu drink coaster all over the world, in addition to saving other mixed-up media enthusiasts 61% off the cover price.

Let me know if you think the issue is as great as I think it is. Or better yet, let Pokey and the gang know.


Kelli said...

Drink coaster and bookmark. I'm riding the "my artwork is on the cover of the 1,000 ATC's book" wave--so when there's an ad with a picture of the cover, I'm like DANG. I'm ubiquitous. I remember hearing different bands telling about the first time they were listening to the radio and their own song came on and they squealed their car to the side of the road and started hooting. I might have done that at the book store. That Sixtopoly cover is a classic. I wanna be a cover girl like Cheryl some day. K

Brogato said...

I know I'm going to be able to say "I knew her when" cool to see you all over this issue!