Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Springy Thingies

I love using the Wholey Paper from Random Arts, it's so versatile. You can use it as a stencil by inking through the holes and then use the negative of the stencil and brayer the inked side of the paper to create the look under the nest.

This background was created using three ink colors and the Wholey Paper as described above. Bunny ears for the skeleton? Why not? The dead are no longer dead because of Easter.

I added links in my link-o-rama for a couple more of my cyber pals, I mentioned Dear Daisy Cottage yesterday, but Kim, Maggie May, and Marley are definitely worth mentioning again. Trumpet and Maggie May are e-dating.

I virtually met e.beck today, a kindred mixed-up media artist with an aversion to punctuation. Her flickr gallery is chock-full of her colorful work. We also have twins in common.


Anonymous said...

If Maggie May and Trumpet have e-puppies, I want one, as I was their matchmaker.

P.S. Love the birdy!


e. beck said...

i feel nearly famous being mentioned in your blog....yippee! hooray!

patbutterfly said...

I am in love with this bird!

ANGE said...

I love your work!It's inspiring, romantic, original and colourful!

angelique from Belgium