Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Auntie Gertie's Tin of Junk

When Mark and I got married 16 years ago, his grandmother gave me a round cookie tin "from Aunt Gertie." I looked at my soon-to-be-mother-in-law and she answered my unspoken question: "It's a box of junk from dead ladies courtesy of Great-Aunt Gertie." Aunt Gertie was into estate sales and like so many that weathered the great depression, she saved EVERY. THING.

In the tin were sewing notions. Needle packs, pins saved from store-bought shirts, buttons, and a morocco that didn't work when I shook it. Carol later informed me that the defective morocco was actually sock darner. I'd never seen one. We just threw our socks away and bought more if they had holes. (This comment illicited a mock gasp of horror from the in-laws who grew up with home haircuts and hand-me-down-hand-me-downs.)

Well, although I am relatively sure Aunt Gertie didn't intend for me to use her gift in quite this way, I do consider the contents of that tin very precious. I have added to the collection since, but the "Happy Home" package of needles pictured above was the item that started it all. It also provided the images for today's tile: Notice.

Monday's tile also had a graphic element from that pack, the little girl who was so elated at discovering her miniature friends had originally worn that expression of delight over (oh joy) a pack of needles! The red bits with the flourishes at the corners are a cut up playing card.

I couldn't resit this button card at Lakewood last month. The illustration is so hilarious. I made yesterday's tile with the image of the stoic dentist with his assistant whom I've aptly named Flossy. You better brush. He'll know if you didn't. She's taking notes.

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