Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today is my 40th poste

Where were we? Ahh yes.....we were following the story of our young lovers in small town Iowa set to Kenny Loggins tunes. It went like this:

Boy meets girl. Boy dumps girl. Girl flees her heartbreak in Iowa and goes back to California to graduate with her class. Boy chases girl to California months later realizing the horrible error he has made, with intentions of proposing to her after graduation. Girl pretty much dashes his hopes, still angry from said dumping. Boy gets a makeover. Girl gets ultimate revenge and marries him six years later.

Classic romantic tale.

Here's the before. Very cute, but a little Iowa with the perm and the mullet. You have to remember, this was 1985, MTV had not yet homogenized American Teen culture. We still relied on local radio stations for our musical identity. This was the era of cassette tapes, shoulder pads and car windows with cranks instead of buttons.

The After: California Casual. How adorable was he? How thin was I?! Looking back, I see the obvious foreshadowing -- I seem to be wearing white in every picture with Mark. I also see our boys in him. My mom and dad see Connor, I see more Reese.

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ZOLTAR said...

I laughed
I cried
I listened to my Walkman in an Izod shirt