Monday, February 12, 2007

First Date? We went to see Red Dawn.

Our story begins in 1984 when a new girl came to school.

I remember the first time I saw Mark Prater in the hallway. It was like in the movies where everything goes slow-mo and tunnel-visioned and the sound goes mute. I went home that day and told my mom that I saw the cutest boy in the whole school and I was going to find out who he was. My super-sleuthing uncovered that Mark Prater had just started at PVHS the year before after several years living in Europe. Oooh. International intrigue mixed with bad boy attitude and a super-cool car. I was done for.

We had just moved to small-town Iowa from Southern California (I had to look it up on a map -- it's not the one with the potatoes, apparently) and had spent the last 6 weeks of the summer in Greece, unsuccessfully married off at 17 despite my Yiayia's best efforts.

If you took one part Footloose and added liberal scoops of My Big Fat Greek Wedding to it, the resulting concoction would be our story. Here are some pictures from Cheryl and Mark Chapter One. Enjoy your trip.


GeorgiePorgie said...

Connor is a spitting image of his Dad. I could see a striking resemblance. What times we had in our travels! I always say we ended up in Iowa so that you could meet your soul mate. Happy Anniversary and many more. Love Mom

GeorgiePorgie said...

Hoboy! Hoboy! My lord, has it been that long? It seems like only yesterday that the "California (with scarves) Girls" invaded Clinton,Iowa

Remember your first time out with the local kids - the bonfire in the corn- fields? From Beach City, CA to the breadbasket of the USA. Hoboy

Howcum you were all mad at Dad for moving you yet again? Hmmmm Dad

debbi crane said...

So cute - both of you!

Cooky said...

Hi, happy birthday, it's auspicious that it is so near Valenetine's Day, so that you can reflect on love and life at the same time. It shows in your art.