Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dog Show, Day Two

The vantage point was different, but Trumpet and I were looking at the back end of the same dog again today, hence today's tile.

He's beautiful, the dog who's beaten us six times now. He's shown by his breeder, a lovely woman who is also a professional handler and groomer. Trumpet did very well, though. In fact, a gentleman who is a professional dachshund handler and nearly certified to be a judge stopped me as I came out of the ring. He told me he would have "put Trumpet up" which means had he judged the group he'd have chosen my Trumpet the winner. That was a very nice compliment. We still don't have any points, but we're SO CLOSE! It was a lot of fun and I got to hang out with all my dog show friends.

Yesterday's and today's tiles make a diptych, showing you a whole dog. This isn't Trumpet, his muzzle is longer than the dog shown here which is probably a female. Reese and Conn came with me today and took pictures of me and Trumpy in the ring. I will post those pix soon. But it's almost kickoff!

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