Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well, this is it, kids. I will be 40 this week. So in honor of that milestone, what will be referred to from this day forward as "the first anniversary of my 39th birthday" and to celebrate our wedding anniversary -- 16 years on the 17th, this week's tiles will feature either me at various ages and stages, or me with Mark -- a long and colorful history which dates back to 1984 (mullet alert) and spans several eras, hairdos, shoulder pads and states.

Here's Saturday's tile, an early Valentine, but hey, all of these Hallmark holidays have a halo effect on the marketing calendar anyway. The cupid in the center is from the back of a Bicycle brand playing card. It's the front view of the cherub riding towards you on a bicycle, get it? Reese thought it was an angel with corn. I guess I can see that, but wouldn't it then be Angel Corn brand cards? The glitter and sequins don't scan well, but look very Valentimsey in real life. I will post pix of the project my students made for their Valentines using the same glitter- glue concoction as well as some Crayola Model Magic later this week. Too cute.

Here's the first of my 40th Birthday tiles. Do you love the beantooth? I traded it in for crows feet and a creeky neck. Still have pretty much the same hairdo and working on getting the double chin back. See ya tomorrow.

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GeorgiePorgie said...

But, but, your parents look too young for you to be 40!

How can that be?

See you this week-end.