Monday, February 19, 2007

Post-Fortieth Post

The revelers are gone and the presents have been opened.
It was a wonderful birthday.

Trumpet was feeling especially festive.

Popou, Nana, Grandma Carol, and the boys' best friend John were on hand to help us celebrate. Not pictured are Dee, Lori, Kyle and Annie.

On the menu: homemade pizza, BBQ ribs, chocolate cake, and Amstel Light (note product placement).

Singing to Mommy. I think Connor was "lip-singing."

Ready to go out to an anniversary dinner with my beloved,
who is beginning to look remarkably like Martin Sheen.
(Thanks for the dress, Mom.)

1 comment:

Cooky said...

El hombre es muy guapo, y la mujer tambien guapa. ?Donde es el muchaco abajo de la mesa?