Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Birthday Gifts: Bazzill & Book

Well, it wasn't really intended as a birthday gift, but hey, who needs a reason to receive a present? When the kind and generous folks at Bazzill Basics found out about my daily resolution, they sent me nearly a two year supply of chips -- these are the little 1.5" squares I use to make my paper tiles. I am going to just focus on 2007 for now. On February. On this week.

I am so excited because this wonderful cache will allow me to supply my students with more chips than I had originally intended at MIU! Bazzill (rhymes with Dazzle) has a great line of papers and other goodies, as well as an inspirational flickr gallery with creative ideas for scrapbookers and media mixers alike. Thanks, Lisa!

Debbi Crane, my dear friend whom I've never met, co-professor at Make It University and Cover Girl emeritus of CPS issue 9, made me this gorgeous book. Can you see the binding stitches? They're braided. It's wonderfully heavy with blank pages, begging for doodles, ideas and grocery lists. AND she did it while in an arm brace. I'm tellin' ya, she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, ok? Not to mention the fact that a certain famous QB reads her blog.

Singing off for now. Today's tile is drying so it'll have to wait till tomorrow to join its brothers and sisters in blogdom.

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