Monday, February 5, 2007

Size Small

When I was little, about three or four, I used to pretend I had little people that lived in my toy box. I would scoop them up and talk to them and deposit them in the bookcases. We played together and talked together much like my niece, Lexie and her invisible, pocket-sized friend "Othoe" do. I suppose I took comfort in thinking there was someone smaller than I was.


GeorgiePorgie said...

What I remember most about you as an infant was your curiosity about everything around you. You drank in your surroundings with wonder and would not let us hold you too close else you might miss out on something. You would put our hand on my chest and push away to gaze at the world around you

GeorgiePorgie said...

I love this one too. You could always play by yourself. What an imagination you had. Dad tells it the way it was. You took all things of the world in with those big brown eyes. Love the tile and you. Mom

Cooky said...

I never pretended anything like that, size was not an issue. i did pretend I was an only child, which I suppose is not very inspirational in artistic terms. In a family of five kids, playing by oneself was never an option. Has Trumpy recovered?

Dorie said...

I love browsing through all of your creative works. You are truely blessed with a wonderful talent. By the way, Lexie told me to tell you "Otoe" says hi!