Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Month Two: check

Who'd a thunk it? I have completed 2/12ths (or 1/6th as my boys would reduce to being in 5th grade math) of my annual project. I am compelled to do something different for March -- maybe make a mark with black paint on phone book paper and shrink the image down to tile-size? Don't know yet, but here's today's. I used a Cherryade label as the tile's background but scanned it atop the Limeade label. I just love the colors.

I'll swear off the French Ladies for a while and am open to suggestions as to a theme for March -- but hurry, I'll have to make one in less than 27 hours! Post promptly please.


Anonymous said...

You could devote them all to my birthday. Or just send gifts.

Cheryl Prater said...


You have my Visa number, isn't that enough?