Friday, February 23, 2007

Quilt Show Attire

I had these aprons made at Cafe Press, the site that hosts Zoe's Store for me. The images are of game pieces from Sixtyopoly. The printing is great and holds up really well in the wash, but there was something missing. Oh yeah, EVERYTHING. I had to add ribbons, buttons, fibers, paint, stamping, and a vintage dress makers tape to Debbi's, with Carol's help on the sewing machine. (note to Carol: Who knew that fusible web required constant heat -- as in a whole T.H.I.R.T.Y S.E.C.O.N.D.S? It could have been defective! The iron might have been set too low. Perhaps the atmospheric conditions weren't optimal for immediate web fusing!)

The little dog tags are "z" and "g" for Zoegraph.

Debbi and I will be the height of Quilt Festival fashion this April when we teach at MIU!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl, don't feel bad, fusible web takes a while to get used to. Did I ever tell you that when I first worked for Quilting Arts I thought Wonder Under was a bra?

debbi crane said...

I tried on my apron to show JR last night. His reaction was that he wouldn't want me to cook in it with all that dangly stuff - I might catch it on fire. Silly boy.

Cooky said...

Love the apron, in fact I use mine all the time.

Rebecca said...

LOve the aprons - terrific